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Anti-slip treatment

Anti-slip Treatment for Stone and Mineral Surfaces Heavy Duty Grade / Industrial Grade / Porcelain Grade /Customised Grades.

• Increases co-efficient of friction on floor surfaces to meet and exceed HSE minimum requirementsof the surface when wet.

•  Lasts for years - not a coating that will wear off.

• The long lasting solution to the problem of dangerous, slippery when wet, hard floor tile.

• Clear solution.

• Suitable for stone surfaces including ceramic,quarry tile, terrazzo, granite, marble, concrete,slate, porcelain etc.

• Only treatment system in the world available in custom formulations for different stone / tile surfaces.


Most natural stones should be sealed with a high quality penetrating sealer. Some granites do not require sealing as the stone is so dense nothing penetrates, not even the sealer. The greater majority do require sealing. Most contaminants that damage your stone are water or oil soluble. Premium quality impregnators that reject both oil and water should be used. By applying this type of sealer, you will have more time to blot up spills before they penetrate your stone’s surface.

A point to appreciate also is that once your stone is sealed, this does not mean it is impenetrable. If a liquid sits on your stone long enough, it can eventually penetrate. This is especially so with very porous stone like Limestone. So wipe up spills immediately. Sealing basically buys you time, so make sure you seal your stone.

Please also note that although your stone may be sealed, sealing does not prevent etching. Etching is often confused with staining. ie: you spill red wine on your polished or honed unsealed limestone. The wine penetrates leaving an ugly red mark inside the stone. That’s a stain. Etching occurs when you spill red wine on your sealed limestone, you wipe it up, there’s no red mark but there is a whitish blotch left behind and you can see exactly where the wine spilled. That’s an etch mark. This mark can only be removed by a qualified stone care specialist.



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