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Stone & Tile Cleaning

Advance Group offers a full range of commercial and residential services for cleaning, repairing and restoring your natural stone, tile and grout. Our extensive experience, quality reputation and customer-focused service makes us the go-to provider for all your natural stone and tile needs.

Bently pavillion

Using our advanced technology, extensive experience and skilled technicians, we can restore the most heavily worn, etched and soiled natural stone surfaces.  Our restoration system greatly improves the quality and appearance of the natural stone in your home or place of business. 

We specialise in the restoration, protection, repair and maintenance of all Natural stone products such as floors, countertops, bathroom vanities, showers, tables, walls, etc.  Marble floors and countertops can become scratched and lose that factory “New” polished look; or damage during installation can sometimes occur.  We can remove scratches and lippage, and repolish the marble to a factory-like finish.  Bathroom vanities and coffee tables very often become stained and etched by alcohol, fruit juices and cleaners. We can restore or repair such problems efficiently.  See our stone restoration website for more examples of our work: 


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